Monday Missive — September 5, 2022


It’s taken a long time to make photographs say what I want them to say, to shape time rather than stop it.” — Jennifer McClure in Lenscratch

When it comes to both learning your craft and finding your voice within it, the more influences you have, the better. And the more you play with those influences and the more combinations you can experiment with, the better you’ll be able to make choices about what is and is not ‘you.’ Miles Davis isn’t encouraging us to find our style; he’s encouraging us to find ourselves. Or rather, he’s making a case for finding our voice.” David DuChemin

Style is expression. It’s all external. It’s what we see. Voice goes further. Voice is not only how we express something, but what we express. Voice includes what we say.” — David DuChemin

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
— The density of urban life Very well-done and cohesive body of work.
— Richard Misrach
— Amy Burke: Curated Fridge This is sort of weird, even surrealistic
— Amy Burke: Indiputable Queen Definitely reminiscent of Cindy Sherman
— Kyiv in IR
— Japan

— History of portrait photography, Part 1
— History of portrait photography, Part 2
— How a Youtube/landscape photographer makes his money His actual earnings numbers by category. Really interesting
— This one has recipes to go with the pictures

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