Monday Missive — May 1, 2023


The best street photography focuses our attention on what we have trained ourselves to ignore.” — Margaret Renkl, NY Times Guest Essay “Baldwin Lee Is One of Those Artists Who Teach Us to See,” October 31, 2022

You were once wild. Don’t let them tame you.” — Isadora Duncan

It has been about six months since my last blog. I felt that both the blog and my photography were getting repetitive, so I decided to take a “creative hiatus.” I may restart it but probably on a monthly rather than weekly frequency.

I have worked on two books in the interim. The “Marsh Speaks in Metaphor” is a book of poetry and landscape images, all taken at North Point State Park in Baltimore. Ted Forbes did a recent review of the book on the Art of Photography at 3:53 minutes into the blog and referenced my blog as a contact point. If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can contact me at The book is $20 and I can only accept checks. I have sold some of them through the Ivy Bookshop on Falls Road and will contact them again to see if they might be interested in additional copies.

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
— From Andrew Simonet: Artist U Workshops

— Sharpening by blurring

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2 Responses to Monday Missive — May 1, 2023

  1. Wow! Just watched the Ted Forbes video with his review of your book, “Marsh Speaks in Metaphor,” and so agree with his comments about your choice of topic, the marsh, your consistency in message and images, and his conclusion about it being “cool.” Congratulations and here’s to much success with the publication. Oh, and I’m so pleased to see that you’re planning to continue to blog. Sandy

  2. Scott Houston says:

    I always enjoy seeing your photography work and reading your blog posts. Great to see the mention on the Ted Forbes podcast. Good job.

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