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March Final Friday: Open Studio Tours

Station North announced this program centered on Oliver Street in Baltimore, Maryland.  Toured the soon to open Baltimore School of Design, a middle – high  magnet school focused on architecture, fashion and industrial design.  It is going to be a neat … Continue reading

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Broaden Your Horizons

…what mattered most… is the tension produced… by the surprise of difference…  —  Linda Pastan, in Carnival Evening Although I am most comfortable photographing natural scenes, I live in an urban environment. After about 10 years of commuting to work … Continue reading

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Back up day

…the most instructive consideration…is the cost of doing nothing. – Thomas Henry Huxley When was the last time you backed up your key photos and new work?

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Gallery Opening

For me, the real learning has come from working and looking at other people’s work. — Steve McCurry, June 2004 in Kodak newsletter. On Saturday, I attended a gallery opening for James Dusel, Echoes of Rome, at the Full Circle … Continue reading

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Most mornings I read Seth Godin’s blog.  Godin is a marketing guru who frequently focuses on issues relating to art and creativity, but I also see him as a philosopher.  He usually writes something worth thinking about.  This morning he … Continue reading

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Check Out the Maryland Green Ball at

“Through the magic of art and entertainment, SustainaFest opens your eyes, touches your heart and expands your mind, forever changing your perspective on crucial social, economic and environmental issues and your place in this world.” SustainaFest leverages the power of … Continue reading

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Swamped with Spam, I may not have answered

If you wrote or commented on my blog and didn’t receive a response, I apologize.  I was swamped with spam, sometimes over 3000 in a week, so I just deleted it.  I now have help from Akismet which should filter … Continue reading

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