Monday Missive — September 19, 2022


Letting your mind play is the best way to solve problems.” — Bill Watterson

He has no problem with failure as long as he is doing work he is happy with. Whether it ends up as a win or loss on a consumer level is not as much of an interest to him as one might think.” — Elliot Roberts about Neil Young

Once you get to a certain age… you’ve got to try to keep expanding your field. You’ve got to try new things and if you don’t, you tend to get conservative. I always say you dig yourself a rut and then you furnish it.” — Stephen King

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
— Snail painting
— David DuChemin: Bodies of Work/Going beyond the single image
— Art & Fashion
— NY, London, Paris Subways
— Cheryl St. Onge
— Memory/Loss

— Nigel Danson on why you should make your own photobook
— Why photographers can’t sell prints
— Sean Tucker: Getting better images from your cell phone
— Alec Soth on how the stories behind the images in a book impact your understanding For those who saw my presentation on 9/15 about making a book, this is an interesting follow-up

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