January 31, 2022


He photographs the way he breathes, and he uses the medium to express his inner self.” — Sophie Bernard about Nobuyoshi Araki in the link below

“Making a definitive declaration of intent or meaning kills the photograph.” — Daido Moriyama

“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow.” — Vincent van Gogh

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
— Nobuyoshi Araki: Experience of lifetime
— Matt Black: Poverty in America

— Removing halos 30 second video
— Blur backgrounds in Photoshop

Field and Studio
— Lindsay Adler: Sexy BW with one light
— Focus stacking in the field
— Landscape composition Very good approach — more cogent than simple adherence to the “rule” of thirds.

— Éliane Laffont: New York up and down Tells the story of New York with her husband’s images, French photojournalist Jean-Pierre Laffont from 1964 to 1970s.
— Selling your prints Don’t count on making a living selling prints, but some good advice on what might sell as well as an interesting pricing strategy.
— How to build a photography project

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  1. Gary Faulkner says:

    Richard really like the links this week and as always thank you1

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