Monday Missive — January 24, 2022


Make it simple, but significant.” -— Don Draper (Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”)

And yes, I still am terrified every day. Yet fear can be love trying its best in the dark. So do not fear your fear. Own it. Free it. This isn’t a liberation that I or anyone can give you — it’s a power you must look for, learn, love, lead and locate for yourself.

Why? The truth is, hope isn’t a promise we give. It’s a promise we live. Tell it like this, and we, like our words, will not rest.” — Amanda Gorman, NY Times, Jan. 20, 2022, “Why I Almost Didn’t Read My Poem at the Inauguration”

“Imagination! Here, you learn what it is to be human. You are a creator of order, of beautiful shapes and systems, an organizer of chaos.” — Frank Herbert

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
— Steve Schapiro: Chronicler of the 20th century I’m embarassed that I haven’t heard of Schapiro; his work is worth viewing.
— Baltimore snow day
— Maggie Shannon: Midwifery during Covid Interesting story, told well.
— Amanda Tinker: Small animal Consistent body of work with an interesting effect and numerous images.

Field and Studio
— Nevada Weir: Infrared She does IR better than anyone.
— Ian Plant: Tips for bad weather photography
— Tom Heaton finds great mist and light in England
— How to photograph bees

— David DuChemin: More than snapshots and postcards
— David DuChemin; The fear of approaching people

From my artist residency at Big Cypress Preserve in Florida in 2013.

Fog and Trees. I liked the way trees appeared in the morning mist and fog on the Florida prairie. I was thinking of making a project out of it, but ran out of time before there was sufficient cooperative weather.

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