Monday Missive — July 6, 2020


Photography is a window to place, time and memory.” — Soomin Ham

If you want more creative photographs, you need to learn to think more creatively: not different gear, but different thoughts.” — David duChemin

The decisive moment is a great concept, but we don’t experience the world that way. Life is a montage of occurrences that comes together over time. By spending several hours shooting a scene and merging elements from each into a single frame, I create, in some way, a truer depiction of that space because I’m not capturing an outlier moment.” — Sean J. Sprague

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
– Seeing double
– Very well done ongoing photoessay of a young woman with Down’s

– Editing a composite
– Select and mask crash course
– A quick way to remove numerous dust spots
– 10 hidden tools in the new Camera Raw

– Making more meaningful portraits by connecting with your subject
– How to safely update PS and correct things that seem to be missing

– Henri Cartier-Bresson

Day lily in morning light. It was the light at the base of the blossom that captured my eye.
f/45 with 105 macro lens.

Winter Marsh. From a new body of work that I am working into a book.

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5 Responses to Monday Missive — July 6, 2020

  1. ran says:

    it is very impressive to see your artistic evolution. the lili’s image has so much motion and drama! it goes beyond the image of a flower.
    the marsh’s photo is a good addition to your series. the mood and composition are effective.

  2. Richard A Eskin says:

    Thanks, Ran. Be well. See you soon.

  3. vickie gray says:

    Thanks Rich. Hope this gets me on your email list.

  4. Jesse Hellman says:

    Very very beautiful! Thank you Rich, and I too would like to be on your email list.

  5. Michael Krebs says:

    Nice work Rich!

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