“BayScaping” is the local (Maryland) term for natural landscaping that uses native plants and specifically provides habitat and food for wildlife. There are numerous advantages generally including lower maintenance and high success, since the native plants are better adapted to the local environment.

I have just completed digging out 400 square feet of old forsythia to make room for plants that will attract wildlife including:  columbine, milkweed, butterflyweed, Joe Pye weed, coneflower and goldenrod.

This project addresses both my conservation concerns and, hopefully in the future, will provide numerous photographic opportunities for macro subjects and small wildlife, as well as the potential for teaching small classes on closeup and macro photography from home.  I did not think ahead to photograph the starting point with really over grown forsythia, but will try to document my progress, successes and failures moving forward.

As we develop more and more land, plant more lawns and lay down more asphalt for roads, it is increasingly necessary for those who care to at least make an effort to provide pockets of natural habitat in support of wildlife.

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