Monday Missive — May 30, 2022


I always get to where I am going by walking away from where I have been.” -— Winnie the Pooh in the film “Christopher Robin” (written by Alex Ross Perry, Tom McCarthy, and Allison Schroeder)

I believe that the (distorting) mirror which is photography holds an intrinsic, even elemental, relation to writing.” — Tod Papageorge

We have an insatiable appetite for what is new, but it’s not new subjects for which we hunger, but rather new experiences. New combinations of old things. New perspectives. New voices. . . . Voice is about your taste, not theirs—though that doesn’t mean we need to be contrary about it. Voice is not found when we try to be unlike others, but when we get closer and closer to being most like ourselves.” — David DuChemin

Photoessays/Bodies of Work

— Jin Lee: Three projects One on prairies, one on weeds and the photograms
— Jeanloup Sieff
— Arkansas: Heartbeat of the land
— Lynn Saville: The El at Twilight Images from and of the NYC elevated train system at twilight. Interesting concept, well-done.

Field and Studio

— On location fashion photography in an old hotel
— How to select your best images


— The Polaroids of Linda McCartney
— American Silence with Robert Adams hour long discussion with Sarah Meister head of Aperture and Sarah Greenough, senior curator at the National Gallery of Art who lead the current Robert Adams exhibit and book
— Alec Soth: On filmmaking and photography A bit different for this blog, but Soth does a good job of pointing out differences and similarities using several relevant books. Worth the 20 minutes.
— A very different take on Putin

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