Monday Missive — April 4, 2022


. . . what a project looks like at the end and what it looked like at the very beginning are usually very different. Our work grows and changes, as does how we look at that work.” — David DuChemin

I didn’t especially like candid shots,” [John] Banasiak says. “I like people looking at me. It lets me see more in the eyes and remember more of what, maybe spiritually, the people looked like.” And so he shot them straight-on, figuring when viewers looked at the images, “it would be like they’re looking at these people at the bar, and they’d feel more of a connection.” — From “Inside George Brown’s Bar” by Bill Shapiro

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
— 1980s NY art scene
— Peter Turnley: Exodus from Ukraine Many excellent images with excellent and emotional commentary by the photographer.
— Inside John Brown’s Bar

— Change the focal plane in Photoshop
— Remove a fence from a nature image

Field and Studio
— Making portraits to honor people
— A photographer’s account of the war in Ukraine
— An insect photographer who is scared of insects Lots of images of really unusual beetles from the tropics and elsewhere.

— In defense of the selfie
— CFExpress formats explained

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3 Responses to Monday Missive — April 4, 2022

  1. Sandy Nichols says:

    Thanks for including Peter Turnley’s story and images. I find him so talented as a photographer and so eloquent as a writer. He’s smart AND heartfelt, a much needed combination in today’s media ecosystem.

  2. Errol Bennett says:

    Thank you Rich, for another great ‘missive’. Although I have not commented much on your postings I enjoy them regularly. Your inclusion of the work of Peter Turnley is wonderful. I have followed his, and his brother David’s, work for many years. Both very inspiring ‘street photographers’.

  3. Rich says:

    Thank you both for your comments. I will keep an eye out for more from Mr. Turnley.

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