Monday Missive — March 14, 2022


I photograph everything that surprises me. If nothing surprises me, I photograph nothing. It’s still a surprise when I go back to my negatives.” — Graciela Iturbide

I took the pictures in this book so that nostalgia could never color my past. I wanted to make a record of my life that nobody could revise: not a safe, clean version, but instead, an account of what things really looked like and felt like and smelled like. I don’t think I could, at this age and in this body now, live the life that I lived then. It took a certain level of fearlessness, a wildness, quick changes—of clothes, of friends, of lovers, of cities.

The book gave a mirror to kids who had no reflection of themselves in the world around them. They knew that they weren’t alone.

Photography has been redemptive for me, it’s helped me chart my descents and my reconstruction. ” — Nan Goldin on her book “The Ballad of Sexual Dependency”

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
— How Ukrainian photographers are covering the war
— Children of Togo
— Graciela Iturbide: Photography is a living matter

— MattK reviews tips and tricks with layers
— Piximperfect: Removing jpg artifacts quickly and easily

Field and Studio
— Alister Benn talks about shooting in flat light and how to process afterward. Scottish coast during stormy weather.
— Street photography tips
— Monochrome landscapes

— Rowland Scherman: The day Bob Dylan became Bob Dylan
— Ted Forbes talks about layering in constructing your compositions

This is probably my favorite image of the whole trip. I was standing hip deep in snow as I took it. Shade from the hillside and the trees maintained the snow until late May. I feel like I got the shutter speed exactly right to blur the moving water, but not turn it into milk.

Stehekin is a small community and each spring they held a pot-luck community picnic, and I was invited. It was a beautiful day and everyone was having a good time. . .

When tragedy struck. A float plane, bringing five people back to Stehekin for the picnic, over-turned in Lake Chelan. The Stehekin school superintendent and a doctor did not survive.
These two articles provide more details.

Two of the five people on board died. Apparently the wheels were down which should not happen for a water landing. I felt so bad for the community that what began as such a positive, happy day ended with sadness and loss.

My residency was almost over and I had to get back for my son’s graduation, so I left 3 days later.

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