Please Bug Me

Here were creatures so exquisitely fashioned that they seemed unreal, their beauty too fragile to exist in a world of crushing force. — Rachel Carson

It’s turning into a buggy summer as I ramp up my macro work.  North Point State Park in southeast Baltimore County turns out to be a pretty good place for dragonflies (credit to Lynn Roberts for the location).  So far I haven’t found much diversity, but I have only been there once.  Eastern Pondhawks and Blue Dashers predominate.  It is a good place to practice, because there are so many, but of less interest if you want to expand your files NeedhamsSkimmer-(67)with new species.  I did find a tentatively identified Needham’s Skimmer, which is new to me.


Font Hill Wetland Park near Ellicott City, MD is another good place for dragonflies (and a damselfly).  Greater diversity (so far) than at North Point, with fewer Eastern Pondhawks, but still plenty of Blue Dashers.

EasternAmberwing-(9)cropped EbonyJewelwing-(13) WidowSkimmer-(1)Got the eastern amberwing, ebony jewelwing and widow skimmer there (left to right). The headstand of the amberwing is to try and reduce temperature either by exposing less profile to the sun or self-shading. Backyard butterfly garden yielded the snowberry clearwing; the h_D8E2744Harvestmanarvestman was on some bushes in the back.  The fly is a holdover from North Point.


Many of these were taken with the Nikon 200 mm micro lens with a Tamron 1.4 x telextender.  The lens has exceptional sharpness and is well corrected; when I add lens corrections in ACR, there is virtually no change.  The combination gives good reach, with excellent sharpness.

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