Monday Missive — March 1, 2021


Every good war picture becomes an anti-war picture.” — Tim Page

In my images I am attempting to make fantasies visible.” — Bea Nettles

Philologically, the word “Kodak” is as meaningless as a child’s first “goo.” Terse, abrupt to the point of rudeness, literally bitten off by firm and unyielding consonants at both ends, it snaps like a camera shutter in your face. What more would one ask.” – George Eastman

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
– A visual history of black civil war soldiers
– Without words Interesting creative process and self-portraits

– .tif or .psd? Best explanation I have seen for which format to use and for what purpose.
– Processing for fine art images
– Increasing your photos impact with LR Julianne Kost is always worth watching

– Expressive landscape photography

– Controlling color in photography
– Why a photography project is important As usual, Simon is very thoughtful, and Meg is a blast.

Fantasy or. . . (Right click and select “open image in new tab”, then select the new tab to see larger).


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