Monday Missive — October 12, 2020


. . . the value of the photographer’s work is revealed through the images’ invisible, deep world, one that is the viewer’s intrinsic experience.” — Sajin Paik

To the degree that I apprehend acclaim, I think, ‘Ah, it’s a flaw in the work.’” — Louise Gluck, winner of the Noble Prize for literature.

Every slider movement changes the emotional feel of the photograph.” — Alister Benn

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
– California wildfires
– Two interesting projects from Hawaii Both the use of a “case” for diptychs and “jerry-rigging” a lens to cell phone resulted in some creative imagery.

– Repeat transformation This was pretty neat.
– Add texture to a face
– High key processing for landscapes

– Photographing Denmark: When photography becomes art

– Facebook’s Rights Manager helps protect copyrights
– Comedy pet photo awards Just for fun!
– Nail manual focus
– Dissolve the box

Summer holdout.

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