Monday Missive — May 27, 2019


…the goal of art was the vital expression of self.” – Alfred Stieglitz

Trust that little voice in your head that says ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…’; And then do it.” – Duane Michals

Style has no formula, but it has a secret key. It is the extension of your personality. The summation of this indefinable net of your feeling, knowledge and experience.” – Ernst Haas


Photoessays/Bodies of Work
– Images of the Central American migration

– Tim Grey defines and compares sharpening, the new texture slider in LR/ACR, clarity and dehaze
– Using the new texture slider to smooth skin and enhance landscapes
– Matt K on Texture vs clarity and sharpening
– Color grading in Lightroom
– Making basic selections in PS
– Dealing with a significantly over-exposed image in LR

– Using negative space in photography
– A photojournalistic approach to wedding photography

– Color Psychology

Images from yesteday’s Sowebo festival in southwest Baltimore.

This bassist was really enjoying the music.

He was pretty happy too.

Artist display.

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4 Responses to Monday Missive — May 27, 2019

  1. Francis R Rahl Jr says:


    Sorry I missed you at the festival. I did see that very pretty girl (above). Hope you had a good time.


    • Rich says:

      Sorry we didn’t connect. Had a slice at Zella’s and some ice cream from the truck. I left about 2:00, starting to feel the heat. It was a good festival: bands were really good and it seemed there was more art than usual. See you sometime. Stay well.

  2. Michael Krebs says:

    Rich, As usual I enjoyed the posts about shooting. I also read an article on scanning negs that was good. For some reason I couldn’t view the shots of the Sowebo Fest.

    • Rich says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. I don’t know why you couldn’t see the iamges. They are coming up for me and someone else commented on the images.

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