Monday Missive — April 22, 2019


To be playful is to allow for unlimited possibility.” — James Carse

Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travail.” — Theodore Dreiser

“. . .  it’s not knowing how to use the camera; it’s knowing what you want to do with it.” — David DuChemin


Photoessays/Bodies of Work
– Mexico between life and death
– Portraits of southern musicians
– Goats and Sheep
– Best photojournalism images of 2018
– California wild fires

Photoshop/Lightroom Techniques
– Make your subject pop with a spot light effect This is a great way to vignette as well; it lets you have asymmetrical darkening
– Creating the “Avengers Dust Effect”

Field and Studio
– How to clean your lenses and filters
– 12 rain or shine photography ideas
– Making the most of flat light in landscape photography

Trail Report

Glen Ellen and Sam’s Grave Trail Loop is a 7.2 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland that I found on AllTrails. Unfortunately their location for the trail head is totally inaccurate. Traveling east on seminary, on the north side of the street there is a wide shoulder just before Dulaney Valley Road. Park there and cross Dulaney Valley Road. The trail begins right at the end of the cross walk. The trail will hit Seminary Ave again and make a U-turn to the left to pick up the trail again. Today I took the side trail that is the first left after you return to the trail (about 50 feet past the graveled part of the trail. Pleasant trail, with moderate use that intersects with Loch Raven at several locations. Kind of early for spring flowers, but might be nicer toward summer. Because of the proximity to the water, it will likely be a bit buggy.

Young fiddlehead (baby fern) along the trail (about 1.5 inch tall).

I only went about a mile down the trail, but there was one area of lake access that I thought could produce some good images in the right weather with the right lens:

I had the absolutely wrong lens for this shot, a 200 mm micro, but wanted to remember the area because I think it could produce some good bird images if you can catch one resting on the branches or a good landscape with a wider angle lens and some stormy weather. Even though I wasn’t prepared for this location, I wanted to give the reader some sense of what could be available, so I did a 12 shot pano to do the best I could.
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  1. Mike Krebs says:

    Nice work Rich. Enjoyed the posts from lens scratch.

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