Completing Artist Residencies

A big part of doing your work is defending your time and your attention so you can do your work. —  Seth Godin

In the last two weeks I have finally given up procrastination to complete the second and third artist residencies I did last year.  The requirements were not very onerous, but I didn’t make it priority — now finally done. BlueMesaOverlook012-300For Petrified Forest, this picture from the Blue Mesa area toward the southern area of the Park was selected by Park staff. Blue Mesa was definitely one of my favorites; the other being the Painted Desert behind the Painted Desert Inn. SunriseMist-(45)Take3CroppedMASTERdsmall

For Big Cypress, which was actually in 2013 and my last residency, both the Park and I readily agreed on a sunrise picture of a palmetto coming out of the ground fog with a really fantastic morning sky.

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