Monday Missive — September 10, 2018


I believe that the essence of photography is black and white. Color is but a deviance.” — Sarah Moon

We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” — Ralph Hattersley

Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.” — Peter Adams


– A bunch of incredible selection techniques
– Adobe not supporting some older OS’ Take note if you are running an older Mac or Windows OS
– The August Lightroom update
– Jewish Streets
– Travel tips This is partly in support of duChemin’s new course, but the quotes, lessons and images are worth the time.
– Unconventional approaches to landscape and nature
– Hard drive file systems for Mac and Windows
– Interpreting memory cards

From Steve Oney:
– Two minute trailer on upcoming video on Gary Winogrand
– Really great series of monochrome pairs by Czech photographer Alicja Brodowicz

Skipper butterfly. Taken with 200 Nikon micro lens and diffused flash. 1/200; f/13; ISO 500.

Taken at 2018 MD State Fair. Two images taken from a tripod as the ride dropped. Composited in Photoshop.

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4 Responses to Monday Missive — September 10, 2018

  1. I enjoy you Monday Missive.
    I will be returning to the states in October, and I plan to be a more “faithful” member. 🙂

  2. Ben Kepka says:

    I really enjoy these roundup posts that you do. Is there any way I could contact you to share a double exposures post that we did. I think it would be a great addition to the next Monday Missive?

    • Rich says:

      Ben – Thank you for checking out Monday Missive and for commenting. If you send me a link to your post, I would be glad to consider including it in the Monday Missive. My email is available at

  3. ? gotta bookmark this site it seems handcy very useful

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