Monday Missive — February 7, 2022


The key to becoming a confident and creative photographer is in how we think. If we believe this one image is going to look a certain way—perhaps tack sharp and very literal—will we even consider the possibility that this particular scene or subject might be better expressed as an abstract?” — David DuChemin

Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.” — Neil Gaiman

A bird is safe in its nest — but that is not what its wings are made for.” — Amit Ray, spiritual leader

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
— Ashley Markle: A story about parental intimacy
— How women changed street photography
— National Forest in Taipei Compare to the work of Simon Baxter.
— Best aerial images of 2021

— MattK: Everything new in LR and PS in the last 2 years

— Sean Tucker: Your photography needs a change
— Simon Baxter: Philosophical basis for photography found in mycorrhizal (fungal) networks
— Ted Forbes analyzes the evolution of the camera from rangefinders to mirrorless
— Famous sports images
— Kristina Borinskaya: Weird stuff (my opinion), but some of it is interesting

It 2008 I was lucky enough to get a two week artist residency in the eastern area of Cascades National Park in Washington. Eastern HQ was in a town called Stehekin, which cannot be reached by roads: either take the ferry from the town of Chelan at the southern end of Lake Chelan to Stehekin near the north end, or fly in by float plane. I didn’t get much time to explore Chelan, but did take a few snaps. Pretty cool to a city boy who is used to views limited by buildings.

View from the town of Chelan, WA.

The decor is a bit different as well.

Street sculpture in Chelan, WA.

The pier in Chelan for the ferry to Stehekin.

This is the view heading north on Lake Chelan toward Stehekin.

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  1. John Carter says:

    Thanks Rich!
    Simon Baxter = WOW!

    Cant wait to dig in further!!!

  2. Michael Krebs says:

    Thanks Rich!

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