Monday Missive — March 26, 2018


We make our own taste, and call it reality
Most of us say, “this is better, therefore I like it.”
In fact, the converse is what actually happens.
“I like it, therefore I’m assuring you (and me) that this is better.”
— Posted by Seth Godin on March 15, 2018

Research concluded, though, that a great deal of emphasis should be placed on the generous, social safety net that Icelanders enjoy. They summed this up with a quote from an Icelandic immigrant who collaborated on the study: “Never underestimate what knowing you will always have food, shelter, childcare, and education will do for your creativity.” –From an article by Casey Lesser, “Iceland’s Population Is Staggeringly Creative. Why?” at Artsy

“What does this remind you of?
That’s a much more useful way to get feedback than asking if we like it.
And while the emotions that are created by your work aren’t exactly like something else, they rhyme.
“What does this remind you of” opens the door for useful conversations that you can actually do something about.
— Posted by Seth Godin on March 17, 2018


– Capturing the teenage experience
– Convert to .DNG?
– Shooting in snow
– Matting and Framing
– Photo essay: Women of Rural India
– 32 examples of long-exposure photography
– National Geographic explores its own racist past
– Amusing Alliterative Photo Tips
– Phony contest
– Links to the new Magnum site Links to 8 articles by Magnum photographers on different aspects of photojournalism, e.g., establishing a portfolio, long-term projects and telling stories.

View from the Blue Mesa Overlook just after sunrise at Petrified Forest National Park. Blue Mesa was my favorite place to photograph in the park during an artist residency in 2012. The landscape looks like another planet in a science fiction movie. The Artist in Residence Program in the National Parks is a great program.

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4 Responses to Monday Missive — March 26, 2018

  1. cynthia crescenzo says:

    you should take a helicopter ride in the Grand Canyon and shoot from there. I think you would do an amazing job of capturing the beauty there

  2. Michael Krebs says:

    Rich, I really enjoyed the post about matting prints. Seems like the matte cutter is prohibitively expensive though.

    • Rich says:

      You can get much cheaper, but still professional quality mat cutters. I have the Logan 750 simplex plus that goes for $309 at Blick (I think it was about $250 when I bought it, probably at least 10 years ago.) It cuts up to 40″ mats, with 32 x 40″ being the standard full-size matboard and lays flat on a work surface rather than being wall-mounted. You could probably find it cheaper on Amazon or look for a used one. There are others that are still less expensive and fine for someone doing infrequent or non-professional matting. The issue then becomes finding storage and/or work space for it.

      Thanks for looking and commenting.

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