Homestead Project

Our attachment to the land was our attachment to each other. – Terry Tempest Williams

As of yesterday, I have two weeks remaining at Homestead to prepare my second “public interaction” for Sunday, October 21. In Petrified Forest or the Rocky Mountains almost anywhere you look, there is a great photo opportunity. The least you can get out of those residencies is a “pretty picture” even if it doesn’t carry deeper representational or artistic meaning. Although I submitted a reasonably coherent project plan, turning that into an actual project deliverable, with some artistic and/or representational merit is proving more difficult. After thinking about it for several days, and writing about a third of the powerpoint I will use for my second presentation, I have decided to work on two projects to assure some level of success on one. The first focuses on the Palmer-Epard cabin near the Heritage center, and combining an exterior view, with a panorama of the entire interior of the cabin. I am not really sure how to make it “work,” but have plenty of time to play.

The second project will be based on the “Meet Your Neighbours” website that I mentioned in an earlier blog ( ). I have already ordered the white plastic and will take pictures of of prairie plants in their fall decline and use a diptych or triptych as my submission. The background white plastic should be here about mid-week, in the meantime I will take regular closeups and identify which plants I want to work with.


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