Photo Journaling and Art of Photography Assignments

It is easy at times to get into a creative slump or to feel that you are not making progress artistically. Taking on an external assignment can help get you out of the slump, expand your skills and promote your creativity.

Creating a journal as you proceed with the self or external assignment can deepen your thinking about the project, provide a history that may be helpful in future projects, and provide a great keepsake to look back on. As Ted Forbes points out in some of the links below, many famous artists have used journals to explore ideas and project, clarify their thinking and leave a record how they came to their decisions about the project broadly, or about individual images. I haven’t yet decided to participate in Ted’s assignments, but have taken up the journaling idea and I am finding it very helpful for a current project.

The project basically is about “Beaches”, but not just the “bathing beach” shoreline part, but the broader system including the sand beach, the backbays and wetlands, and the dune systems that are found on many east coast sandy shores. I often have trouble with projects, getting three or four satisfying images out of what seemed to be good idea, but then running out of appealing ideas. I hope that this project, will have some legs because there are so many beaches, they are relatively accessible with respect to travel time, and I have some existing images that may jump the project and give some depth to the project.

I will be sharing progress on this project including pictures of my journal, and occasionally using the blog itself as a supplement to the hard copy journal.

Please offer your comments and thoughts on the journal as well as the project.


– Photographer Sketch Books
– Photo Journal Challenge from Ted Forbes
– My Journal for Photo Assignments
– More sketchbooks

– Photo Assignments 2:: Low Angle Shooting
– Work submitted for Assignment 2 and heads up for Assignment 3

Earlier assignments and background were captured at on Nov. 21, 2016

Journal entries for project on barrier islands/beaches.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Are these shots you have found through your research and/or ones you took?

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