Monday Missive – September 12, 2016


It’s pretty simple, really. Be decent, friendly, curious and respectful. Works most of the time.” — Joe McNally interviewed by Tamara Lackey, Rangefinder, Feb. 2016, p. 24

…photography is a craft that requires experimentation, risk and growth, and that getting better at photography is a journey that never ends.” – Chris Orwig, Photography Issue 5

Photography can light up darkness and expose ignorance.” – Lewis Hine


– Two-faced effect in Photoshop Not sure I would use this, but I thought it was cool. Clipping pixel layers was not something I had ever done.
– Using Content Aware Fill Phlearn is my favorite place for worthwhile, free Photoshop tutorial videos.
– Rules Don’t Apply Right on Ryan!
– Tips for Real Estate Photography
-Shallow depth of field in bright sun I never thought of this use for an ND filter.
– Tack sharp macro
– Using Apply Image to very accurately split tone
– Vertical panoramas
– How you know when you are a photographer
– Tips for newbies


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