Monday Missive — November 2 , 2020


A camera, like a guitar, is just a box with a hole in it. Until it is placed in the hands of a true artist, it will not make a music, only noise.” — Tim Mantoani

Street photography requires patience. More often than not I come home with nothing, but it’s the times that I do come home with a photo that will be with me forever, that makes it so worthwhile. Don’t feel like you have to take street photos just on city streets. Street photos can be taken anywhere… there are great street styled photos to be taken at the beach or out in the countryside. Street photography is about searching, finding and reacting…” — Jesse Marlow

Dig in, follow your instincts and trust your curiosity.” — Susan Meiselas

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
– Exploring pregancy with self-portraiture
– Young mothers
– Olap Sztaba
– Demonstrations, Marches, Political Action
– Halloween “boo-doir” images
– Israeli beach pictures

– Photoshop sky replacement In depth.
– Sky selection

– Black and white image making

– How does color/BW influence perception of when an image was made This article includes a really interesting quiz, with results from the takers. Test your own perceptions.

I am taking a class on combining text and images, for example to make a book. Our first assignment was for “Inspiration” and was to “Go for a walk and record what you see . . . in short fragments, poems or prose. Take photographs as you go. …” All of these were taken with a cell phone.

Here are the results:

Rain has stopped, but clouds remain.
Damp and cool, possible frost tonight.
Slippery leaves in yellow and red cover the ground,
Brought down by rain and wind.
Fall has arrived.

The wind blows
The leave rustle,
The water ripples,
Through the trees.

The water roars.
High after the storm,
It flows brown-green
With bits of white where ripples disturb the flow.
Down to the Bay
To mix with the ocean.
No intent – just a natural process.

Yellow leaves of fall
Recall forsythia flowers of spring.

Mushrooms on my lawn.

It rained last night.

Spring and fall together.

Fall colors.


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