Monday Missive — October 26, 2020

Free Photoshop Summit with some of the best PS instructors


A photograph is like a book where the photographer writes the preface, viewers the content and history the end.” — Arturo Macias Uceda

Photography for me is a passion, a mixture of science and art that creates magic. If a day goes by without photography, it’s incomplete.” — Scott MacQuarrie

I make bad picture after bad picture week after week until the relief comes: the good new picture offers benediction.” — Sally Mann

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
– Exploring pregancy with self-portraiture
– Eight artists imagining
– Self portraits

– PhotoshopCafe: New stuff in PS 2021 Key features.
– Photoshop Training Channel: Favorite new stuff in PS 2021 Most detailed.
– Matt K: PS 2021 features Easiest to follow.
– Matt K: Lightroom update
– Blake Rudis: New color grading in LR and ACR

– Flattering portraits even in bright sun

– The quality of light

Backyard buddies: An agressive blue jay hogging the feeder.

Backyard buddies: A rather stern looking mockingbird.

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