Monday Missive — November 14, 2016


Let’s make things exist and then judge later. Don’t cancel the process of creativity too early: Let it flow.” – Ross Lovegrove

I wanted my vision to be just that, my personal vision. Photography is a great way to express your emotions and I think the best work comes from deep inside.” – Sarah Hadley

Logic will never change emotion or perception.” — Edward de Bono


– 100 most influential images
– Raw workflow in Lightroom Take a look at this if you took my class and compare
– Great processing tips to emphasize your subject
– How to improve your street photography
– Learn to isolate
– Why bother? This blog by Bill Fortney has been around for a while now. Mike Moats reposted it and I am passing it on as well because it conveys such valuable insights.
– RTM: Read the Manual
– 40 Practical Photo Assignments Nice thing about these is that there is a stated purpose for each one.
– Travel safely with your camera gear


Fun with models at Grafitti Warehouse. If you ever see her again….

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