Monday Missive — July 4, 2016


Doubt is corrosive.
Someone faced with doubt rarely brings her best self to the table. Doubt undermines confidence, it casts aspersions, it assumes untruths. …
There’s plenty of room for doubt later, isn’t there?
” — Seth Godin, June 28, 2016

A friend, commenting on a new building, “I’m not sure if I hate it or love it! I want to hate it but I think I love it…”
Without that tension, all you’ve done is what’s been done before
.’ — Seth Godin, July 1, 2016

It’s very easy to do the things that are obviously manipulated, but to do things that are subtle, that might or might not be manipulated, can get much more interesting.” – Olivia Parker


– Great hour video on using NIK HDR Pro Really good video by Tim Grey. Also covers HDR in LR and PS, noise control and general HDR concepts.
– Cameras for a Cause
– Using Sea Stacks to Demonstrate Balance in an Image In my opinion, balance is a much more useful and flexible approach than the rule of thirds, which really is just one way to achieve balance.
– Print is Part of the Story: Amy Toensing a NG People and culture Photographer
– Getting Rid of Unwanted Flare
– Renting Lenses Can Help You Get the Shot and Diversify Your Portfolio
– Avoid Over-Processing
– Fireworks Tips
– 30 Iphone apps That You Should Try
– Include the “Hand of Man” in Your Landscapes


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