Monday Missive — June 6, 2016 (Michael Kenna notes)


Art is, or ought to be, a reliable refuge for idiosyncrasy in a society that increasingly views the idiosyncratic with suspicion.” — Colin Dabkowski,, Jan. 18, 2015

…the sublime is often hidden in plain sight.– Joel Meyerowitz, Once More Around the Sun blog, 3/6/15

A good photographer records; a great photographer reveals.” – Skyler Reid

Notes from Michael Kenna’s Presentation at B & H Optic
I thought that Kenna’s presentation was really excellent. These notes don’t do it justice, but you might glean something useful if you weren’t able to see the presentation.

– Interpretation rather than documentation.
– Simplicity – Fundamental shapes.
– Learn from the Masters to find your own vision.
– Interest in what is NOT shown.
– Find the essence.
– Relationship, juxtaposition and confrontation in the landscape.
– The “power of shadow”.
– He photographs better alone to hear what the scene is saying.
– Light, atmosphere, movement.
– Unpredictability and unexpected results are often a happy surprise and a positive part of photography.
– Photographers are treasure hunters.
– Its not just the finished work, it is the whole process that is both important and pleasurable.
– He has a conversation with what he is photographing.
– In response to a comment that he never includes people, he said that he creates empty stages that invites the viewer to participate.


– Content Aware Crop
– Up and Coming Portrait Photographers
– Too much Post?
– 23 Good Street Photography Tips Some are obvious, but it is worth skimming or watching the video, which illustrates the text.
– Printing Workflow and dealing with out of gamut colors
– Interesting story from a wildlife photographer
National Park Tips Fort McHenry is a National Monument managed by the Park Service, and Catoctin Mountain and Great Falls, VA are also National Parks; you don’t need to go far to find a great National Park. If you are old enough consider a senior pass. One time $10 pass gets you entrance to all national parks, monuments and historical sites and wildlife refuges for the rest of your life. Good Deal!



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