Baltimore Camera Club Monday Missive – March 28, 2016


When I had my first solo exhibition of my paintings and photographs, I felt that the act of working as an artist is not complete until the works have been given for viewing.  They are not given as a need for affirmation, but a need for connection. … It simply should not remain in a closet, lifeless and unchallenged.  f11, Feb. 2016, Issue 51, p. 106 — Paula Chamlee.

I’ll take acclaim if it’s forthcoming, but I wager no self-esteem on audience endorsement. – Maris Rusis in f/11, Issue 46, August 2015, p. 66

Since I’m inarticulate, I express myself with images.– Helen Levitt


Not Always On
Worthwhile set of Photoshop Techniques and Keystrokes
Better Nature Shots
Night Photography
Composition This video is about cinematic composition but is applicable to stills as well. I thought it was well done.
Iphone Lifestyle Photography
Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Why You Shouldn’t Date a Photographer I couldn’t resist including this one!


The cargo cranes and the industrial chimney speak to me of Baltimore’s industrial past and future.

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