Monday Missive — January 4, 2021


For more than a century, certain extraordinary men and women have worked in photography with the unmistakable authority of genius. Each of them has produced unforgettable images, and not once or twice, but again and again, and often throughout the change and evolution of a lifetime. Each is like an eye which, once opened on the universe, cannot be closed again. One after another, they tell us of the curious, intense and vital experience of working in photography, of its challenges, of the stages of growth it demands, the sudden revelations it presents. From their testimony there emerges a concept of photography as a medium that is very different from the casual and rather stereotyped impressions most of us have held till now.” — Nancy Newhall

The greatest challenge to the photographer is to express the inner significance through the outward form.” — Beaumont Newhall

I beleive in self explanatory pictures…” — Moses Oliver

Photoessays/Bodies of Work
– Kat Bawden: Perceptual Isolation The theme is certainly apropos, and several images perfectly reflect the title.
– The best of 2020 from the Lenscratch staff This is not all photogaphy, there is music (von Bingen with a gorgeous voice for 12th century music, Louis Armstrong with the Ballad of Davey Crockett, and Johnny Cash, Lizzo, and Laura Pausini singing a gorgeous anthem that ended a movie with Sophia Loren), music videos, an hour long movie, books (even a book on fungi), Lenscratch posts). Widen your horizons on some really good art of different types. You can easily spend a morning exploring all of this.
– Madhur Dhingra: Very distinctive street photography processing Thanks Steve O.
– The moon, creatively

– 3 ways to improve your compositions David DuChemin is always worth listening to.

– How to finish a body of work
– Two exceptional books One pairs birds eggs with their habitat and the story of reduced populations and the other on Karakoram and mountain photography. The underlying story is following your muse.
– Covid restrictions and photographic mood
– Lenscratch collection of favorite 2020 images Multiple photographers, many genres. If you scroll all the way down there are links to more chapters.
– Best photography of 2020

Curious alligator wondering if photographer tastes like chicken. Taken during my artist residency at Big Cypress Preserve in 2013.

Black and white #55: Black vultures and great egret, Big Cypress Preserve 2013.