Monday Missive – Nov. 28, 2016


[Laura] Henkin said, “I don’t think it gets talked about a lot, but I believe strongly that photographs should all be presented as interpretive prints—meaning, the artist is directing the viewer in what to see. In order to accomplish that, they need to have a strong idea of what the print should look like, and then an ability to lead their chosen tools to execute their idea for the print.” Cited by Jon Cone

In the arts there are many right answers.” – Jerry Uelsmann

If it doesn’t have ambiguity, don’t bother to take it. I love that, that aspect of photography—the mendacity of photography—it’s got to have some kind of peculiarity in it or it’s not interesting to me.” – Sally Mann


– Changing Perspectives
– New Zealand
– Using the brush size to realistically cut out hair
– Using the Pen tool
– Adding a colored background to a photo Also how to use the refine edge brush in Select and Mask.
– Grand Landscape, Part I

I saw these possessions sitting on the street, all neatly folded and piled, with a note to an acquaintance and a begging sign.  It told one story, but I couldn't help but wonder, what the story would have been if I could talk to the owner.

I saw these possessions sitting on the street, all neatly folded and piled, with a note to an acquaintance and a begging sign. It told one story, but I couldn’t help but wonder, what the story would have been if I could talk to the owner… A life piled in 2 square feet.

Monday Missive – November 21, 2016


When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” — Marianne Williamson

Reaching a ‘creative’ state of mind thru positive action is considered preferable to waiting for ‘inspiration’.”Minor White


– Interview with Jack Dykinga
– Conservation Photography
– Lynsey Addario: Notes from the conflict zone
– More creative self portraits
– Create 3D textures in Photoshop
– Summit in the Smoky Mountains
– This one is fun
– Overcoming a fear of strangers
– Sketch effect in Photoshop
– Wildlife Photographer of the year

The Art of Photography Assignments
– Introduction to the whole assignment concept
– Assignment::Variations First assignment in case you lost the URL. In this episode he references a journal, which he explained here:
– Photographer’s sketch books Then he provided some follow up and additional explanation of what to expect and why you will benefit from doing the assignments.
– Follow up to Ted Forbes 1st assignment How to be a great photographer


Monday Missive — November 14, 2016


Let’s make things exist and then judge later. Don’t cancel the process of creativity too early: Let it flow.” – Ross Lovegrove

I wanted my vision to be just that, my personal vision. Photography is a great way to express your emotions and I think the best work comes from deep inside.” – Sarah Hadley

Logic will never change emotion or perception.” — Edward de Bono


– 100 most influential images
– Raw workflow in Lightroom Take a look at this if you took my class and compare
– Great processing tips to emphasize your subject
– How to improve your street photography
– Learn to isolate
– Why bother? This blog by Bill Fortney has been around for a while now. Mike Moats reposted it and I am passing it on as well because it conveys such valuable insights.
– RTM: Read the Manual
– 40 Practical Photo Assignments Nice thing about these is that there is a stated purpose for each one.
– Travel safely with your camera gear


Fun with models at Grafitti Warehouse. If you ever see her again….

Monday Missive — Nov. 7, 2016


Our job is to record, each in his own way, this world of light and shadow and time that will never come again exactly as it is today.” — Edward Abbey

“…in the end, creativity is a gift to the creator, not just a gift to the audience.Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” — Picasso


– Caribou and morning fog in the Kenai Peninsula, AK
– Extension tubes vs diopters, focus stacking and tilt-shift lenses
– Card wars: Cfast vs XQD for replacing the existing Compact Flash and SD cards. What the future holds.
– The exposure triangle Basic but a good read for beginners.
– A collation of blogs by some of the best. David du Chemin’s Craft and Vision site is really good and he has collected ongoing submissions by some of the best photographers. Worth visiting weekly.
– This Street Photography article is from the Craft and Vision blog
– Make stronger BW images in LR
– Photographing Native American People and Lands
– Getting Sharper Images
– Still life photography This looks like fun if you have a couple of flashes and an old fish tank.
– Sharper images
– Editing children’s portraits This uses a child as an example but illustrates some really critical controls that can be used on almost any subject to really make your subject pop.


Decaying barn on Route 209 in the Delaware River Water Gap. Taken at a John Barclay workshop, 2016.