Monday Missive — June 27, 2016


The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” – William Arthur Ward

I often think of my work as visual haiku. It is an attempt to evoke and suggest through as few elements as possible rather than to describe with tremendous detail.” – Michael Kenna

When you are completely caught up in something, you become oblivious to things around you, or to the passage of time. It is this absorption in what you are doing that frees your unconscious and releases your creative imagination.” – Rollo May

– Making Long Exposures
– For the Dog Lovers Among Us I really enjoyed this one.
– Shadow and Light as a Composition Tool
– Curves and Levels with Masks for local adjustments
– Up and Coming Minimalist Israeli Photographer
– Long Exposure Workflow

Hoen Lithograph building, with a bit of atmosphere added.

Hoen Lithograph building, with a bit of atmosphere added.

Monday Missive – June 20, 2016

The member’s show at the Baltimore County Arts Guild at 1101 Maiden Choice Lane, second floor above the bank begins this week.
I will be there with refreshments from 11 – 2 on Sunday, June 26. Please stop by and say Hi! Suzanne Morgan, a jeweler will also be there.


We are each the average of the people we hang out with and the experiences we choose.
The best way to end up mediocre is via tiny compromises
.” — Seth Godin, 6/13/16

Forget about the consequences of failure. Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.” – Denis Waitley

Art is what you can get away with.— Andy Warhol

Success is when the checks don’t bounce.” – Andy Warhol


– Website Design
– Using Lines to Improve Composition
– Perfect Panoramas Panoramas are a great tool to get the best out of some scenes that just don’t compose well in the standard aspect ratio.
– Copyright Infringement
– Tips for Better Waterfall Images


Monday Missive: June 13, 2016


The best pictures differentiate themselves by nuances…a tiny relationship – either a harmony or a disharmony – that creates a picture.” – Ernst Haas

There is often a huge difference between an idea and its realization. I’ve had what I thought were great ideas that just didn’t work.“ – Andy Goldsworthy

I’m really very concerned with helping to create an attitude of freedom and daring toward the craft of photography.” – Jerry Uelsmann


– Dealing with Internet Criticism as a Photographer
– Shooting Milky Way Panoramas
– Processing BW in LR and Silver Effects I like this whole series from David Duchemin, but this gives some really good insight on how to use Silver Effects in NIK, which is free from Google.
– Ground-scapes
From Charlie Bowers: – Day to Night in a Single Photo A TED video.
A brief tribute to David Gilkey who was killed in Afghanistan with an Afghani associate
Black and White Urban Photography
From my BugShot buddies: How leaf cutter ants destroyed their equipment


A gentleman regaling his friends at HonFest, 2016.

A gentleman regaling his friends at HonFest, 2016.

Monday Missive — June 6, 2016 (Michael Kenna notes)


Art is, or ought to be, a reliable refuge for idiosyncrasy in a society that increasingly views the idiosyncratic with suspicion.” — Colin Dabkowski,, Jan. 18, 2015

…the sublime is often hidden in plain sight.– Joel Meyerowitz, Once More Around the Sun blog, 3/6/15

A good photographer records; a great photographer reveals.” – Skyler Reid

Notes from Michael Kenna’s Presentation at B & H Optic
I thought that Kenna’s presentation was really excellent. These notes don’t do it justice, but you might glean something useful if you weren’t able to see the presentation.

– Interpretation rather than documentation.
– Simplicity – Fundamental shapes.
– Learn from the Masters to find your own vision.
– Interest in what is NOT shown.
– Find the essence.
– Relationship, juxtaposition and confrontation in the landscape.
– The “power of shadow”.
– He photographs better alone to hear what the scene is saying.
– Light, atmosphere, movement.
– Unpredictability and unexpected results are often a happy surprise and a positive part of photography.
– Photographers are treasure hunters.
– Its not just the finished work, it is the whole process that is both important and pleasurable.
– He has a conversation with what he is photographing.
– In response to a comment that he never includes people, he said that he creates empty stages that invites the viewer to participate.


– Content Aware Crop
– Up and Coming Portrait Photographers
– Too much Post?
– 23 Good Street Photography Tips Some are obvious, but it is worth skimming or watching the video, which illustrates the text.
– Printing Workflow and dealing with out of gamut colors
– Interesting story from a wildlife photographer
National Park Tips Fort McHenry is a National Monument managed by the Park Service, and Catoctin Mountain and Great Falls, VA are also National Parks; you don’t need to go far to find a great National Park. If you are old enough consider a senior pass. One time $10 pass gets you entrance to all national parks, monuments and historical sites and wildlife refuges for the rest of your life. Good Deal!