Wildflower Pilgrimage – Day 2

Well, it is raining pretty hard, but we will be leaving in about 20 minutes.  Since we will be going on a forest service road (I wasn’t aware of that before we left), the trip leader agreed to take us in his 4-wheel drive – thank you sir.  Next time we take the Subaru and the hell with the gas costs.  The rain has eased up a little in the last 10 minutes, so maybe it will clear.  The weather map showed a heavy storm moving from southwest to northeast; hopefully it will pass by the time we get to our first  location.  Didn’t down load photos, but tonight will include yesterday and today.  Spoke to a gentleman very knowledgeable about the area and he gave me directions to a great bog, not too far from here.  He said there are some orchids in July, so it sounds worth checking out.