Trip Stats

Sites and cities visited:

  • Arizona: Petrified Forest National Park (Holbrook), Canyon de Chelly National Monument (Chinle), Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site
  • Colorado: Rocky Mountain (Estes Park) and Mesa Verde National Parks (Cortez)
  • Nebraska: Homestead National Monument (Beatrice)
  • New Mexico: Albuquerque, Santa Fe
  • Utah: Arches National Park, Sorrel River Ranch (Moab)

Miles Traveled:  8,145
Average Mileage:  26 mpg in 2003 Subaru
Average Cost per Mile:  $0.14 for fuel
Total Cost:  $4,318 (August 8 – Oct. 24)

Lodging was free during the artist residencies at Rocky Mtn (2 weeks), Petrified Forest (2 weeks), Sorrel River Ranch (1 week), Homestead (19 days)

Best photography:  Petrified Forest
Most interesting experiences: Tundra (Alpine Visitor’s Center, RMNP), Geogia O’Keefe Museum (Santa Fe)
Best Meal:  Twin Owls, (Estes Park; anniversary dinner)

Final thoughts:  It was a great experience.  However, I probably would not do three residencies in a row, with some time between them, again.  I was away from home too long.  Definitely planning on applying to other residencies and would like to return to the west in the next few years and return to some sites to photograph them again after I have assimilated this experience.




Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. – Confucious

I did some more work on fall “foliage” using the Meet Your Neighbors approach before I left. As part of my final presentation, I put up these three “quadtychs” at a volunteers meeting and let the volunteers vote on which ones they liked best. Everyone had three votes by putting sticky dots on the images they liked best. It could be three votes for one image, two and one, or one each.

The sunflower on the top left of the first image got by far the most votes with 33 out of 131 votes (25%). The Illinois bundleflower on the lower right of the second image, got the second place with 18 votes (14%). The big bluestem on the lower left of the last image came in third with 16 votes (12%). Runner up was the heath aster, upper right on the 3rd image.

Photographically I have been a little slow getting back up to speed once I returned home. Driving 21 hours in 2 days, catching up on mail and stuff, and just taking some time off to read science fiction and think about the last two and half months. Just ready to get going again, and we get hit by Sandy. Lost power at 8:50 pm on Monday, and still no power. Still spending time at the library. I like libraries, but I hoped to work from home when I got home. Things will settle soon. Hope you had a Happy Halloween!