Location Review: Tacquan Glen Nature Preserve

What attracted me to Tacquan Glen nature preserve was that it was new to me and it was fairly close. Only about an hour (45 miles) away in Lancaster County, PA and worth a visit to find out more.

After a rainy night, the morning was clear and sunny and it was a very pleasant ride north on Dulaney Valley Road (MD-165) going opposite of the morning traffic. Although it wasn’t in my GPS, Google Maps was able to find it, and my GPS did find Tacquan Glen Family Campground, which is about a half mile before the preserve on River Road. Once you turn on River Road, the Preserve is about 3 miles with parking on the right and the primary trails about 75 yards further on the left. There was a well-marked parking area on the right that could probably accommodate about a dozen cars and some additional parking at the main trail head. There were numerous signs that you cannot park on the road — go find a different nature preserve if the parking area is full. No sanitary facilities.

Despite previous rainfall, the eddies and cascades were not impressive although there was a small cascade just upstream of where the creek ran under the road. This area, and the rock formation, could be accessed by a small path to the right of parking lot after clambering over some rocks. I did not take the time to fully explore the area, but its proximity to Baltimore is an advantage if you have only a half a day and want to explore someplace new and peaceful. On a Friday, I saw only one other visitor while I was there.

More information can be obtained at The Lancaster Conservancy.

Tacquan Creek

Rock formation near Tacquan Creek

3 thoughts on “Location Review: Tacquan Glen Nature Preserve

  1. Thanks, Rich
    Beautiful photos. Lancaster County is even closer to my home, so I checked your information. Problem arose with the clambering over rocks. So I will just have to enjoy it through your photos. Your lead photo is gorgeous. Where did you take that? Kay

    • Actually you only needed to clamber over some rocks if you wanted to go to the right and photograph the cascade in the last picture. It was a pretty easy trail from the trail head down the road from the parking lot on the left which followed the creek. That first image was from the easy trail. Thanks for the kind comments.

  2. I left comment above. Beautiful photos. Lancaster Co is closer to my home so checked out your info. Problem was the clambering over rocks which I can no longer do. Where did you take your gorgeous lead photo?

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